Liad Shiran

Arcadia is an interactive, illustrated installation that lets the users control and explore
 the world before them. 
Arcadia was presented as a final project for the Visual Communications Department at 
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
The world is presented in both Daytime and Nighttime, with each scene providing new animation and
sound, enhancing the experience.
The installation is controlled through a MIDI controller, the MidiFighter3D. The button board
 allows for fast and easy operation of the installation, and opens the field so that any person 
of any age can enjoy.
The Installation is presented in a darkened room using a wide-lens projector to showcase on a 
whole wall. The button board is placed on a stand in front of the projection with optimal space for 
the viewing and enjoyment of the project.
As the user presses the buttons, the illustration before them changes and responds to the sounds that 
s/he plays. Endless combinations can be produced, with each user creating a unique and personal 
experience with each interaction.
When building the project, it was important that the animation and the sound
 complement one another. The animations were built around the sounds and act differently
 depending on the how long each button is pressed. This can also add musical layers,  
providing depth to the experience and expanding the interactive possibilities.
Below is a preview of some of the combinations created with each version:



For more information on the project,  as well as inquiries about future installations or collaborations, you may contact me through social media or email
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